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Everyone deserves the best healthcare!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Why's this important to you?

I've walked in your shoes, I've been a patient for 20+ years, I know the ins and outs of the patient journey.

I'm well-versed in communicating with healthcare professionals with my healthcare background, as I've been a tribe member.

This all means I'm well equipped to walk with YOU.

How does that make me qualified?

Because of my experience, I understand things from both sides of the table: your viewpoint and that of the medical professional.

And I've spent the last year studying for board certification to master best practices in Patient Advocacy.

What does this all mean, and why is it essential…to you?

It means you get an empathic, compassionate, and qualified Patient Advocate who understands healthcare as well as the patient journey—one who understands all too well what keeps you up at night.

Preventable medical errors happen; it could result from a breakdown in communication between the patient and their Doctor. I've got your back as your patient advocate.

Doctors get some reimbursement from the insurance companies based on their patient's experience. I'll help you find your voice to express your needs regarding your care. Let me help you.

Everyone should have access to good healthcare when they need it, where they need it. Don't accept anything less than you deserve. I want to work with you to help.

I take patient advocacy seriously, just as seriously as I took my own diagnosis.

Just as seriously as you take your health.

We're stronger together. Let me help YOU.

Whether helping you cope with a new diagnosis, solving billing problems, or facilitating care for your loved ones, you get my best work.

It's what I do.

It's what YOU deserve.

Call me! (617)710-0788

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