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Why Choose Me advocate for you?

Updated: May 12, 2021

Soft Skills:

  • Empathy-I care about how you feel.

  • Integrity-I take responsibility for my successes, and mistakes, I have humility, and I respect your time

  • Adaptability and resilience-I'm open minded and adapt behavior to the needs of the situation. I manage the uncertainty if the situation and find the positive in a situation.

  • Self motivated and self directed-I take initiative and ownership of my work, I set achievable (SMART) goals.

  • Mindfulness-I am an emotionally intelligent person, who is adaptable and forthright. I stay focused during difficult times.

  • Ability to communicate effectively the importance of primary care and preventive services

  • Understand and explain available resources and programs

  • Establish rapport and maintain relationships with persons from varied backgrounds and every level of the healthcare environment.

  • Extensive competency using hospital computer systems and electronic medical records systems.


M.S. Healthcare Administration from Simmons College

B.S. Business Administration from UMass Lowell

Professional Affiliations

- National Association of Healthcare Advocacy

- The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

- Women in Health Care Management

- Greater National Advocates

Nancy is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate (from PACB)

LINKED IN profile: (617)710-0788

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